Whether you’re looking for a residential, or commercial roof inspection, we can help! Roofers Boise offers free roof inspections to property owners in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Melba and beyond.

What does a comprehensive roof inspection include?

  • Inspect the integrity of the shingles, flashing around roof pipes, chimneys and vents. Look for missing material or gaps that allow water to slip below the shingles or between seams.
  • Inspect the draining system, which includes gutters and downspouts. Insure they are attached properly, sloping at a right angle and free of debris.
  • Inspect the entire roof for the overall condition and age of the roofing materials. Look for missing, broken or warn shingles with missing granules. Check for soft spots in the roof surface as you walk on it. Soft spots signal rotting wood beneath your shingles.
  • Examine the soffit for holes, cracks and damage that may be caused by animals or water that hasn’t been properly directed away from the house.
  • Look for any signs of rotting wood on the fascia. Rotting fascia won’t provide the support your gutters need.

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